Recycling Procedure

Disposing of your end of life vehicle is a serious responsibility these days. If your vehicle is not handled in the correct manner all kinds of hazardous environmental impacts are caused.

Here at PVR we comply fully with UK and European Directives.  We are an authorised “end of life vehicle treatment facility”.


Vehicles are collected and transported to our authorised treatment facility, and stored in our special compound to ensure no hazardous materials escape prior to de-pollution.


On arrival at the compound all vehicle details are recorded, along with the previous owner.  This information is used to produce a DVLA certificate of destruction which then posted to the customer.


The vehicle is then taken to our sealed de-pollution shed, where all fluids – oil, fuel, anti-freeze, brake fluid, fuel and power steering fluid are removed from the vehicle using specialist equipment, along with batteries tyres, shock absorbers and mercury switches. Air bags are deployed and removed.  All these contaminants are safely removed and stored on site until being removed to another place for specialist recycling.


The vehicle is then transported to the yard for breaking.


When no visible parts are left, the shell of the vehicle is then taken to our bailing plant, where the vehicle is crushed and sent for further recycling. To find out more information about recycling your vehicle please see our document here.
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